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In general you must strike a balance between having enough Health (and Mana) potions to get you through to the next location, while still upgrading your weapons and armour to make yourself more effective in each fight. Note that some items are better value than others, and that the price of potions increases with each successive location.

Bravery and Running Away

Your Bravery percentage reflects how often you have Run Away from a fight. If you never Run Away your Bravery will be 100%, if you Run Away from half your fights your Bravery will be 50% etc. Bravery determines the chance of doing extra damage on each attack, equal to the level of your character. E.g. if you are level 5 and have 65% Bravery, then you have a 65% chance of doing an extra 5 points of damage on each normal attack. The Bravery bonus also applies to the Charge and Hurl Bottle attacks. Bravery is also used as a multiplier on your final score (score = total gold earned x bravery).

Obviously you want to Run Away as little as possible in order to keep your Bravery high. However, its better to Run Away and live to fight again than to take on a fight you would lose! There is a range of 3 opponents of differing strengths at each location. In the Forest location for example, the Bunny is much weaker than the Boar or Wolf. Strategically selecting which opponents to fight can be a key to your success.

The Moose

the moose

The Moose is pretty straightforward and quite strong. Look at upping his Mana if you find Charge useful, else just pump up his other stats when leveling up.

The Drunk Monkey

the drunk monkey

The Drunk Monkey is tough but his major disadvantage is that the opponent gets to attack him first in every fight round. This means its probably wise to increase his Defence and Health when leveling up. Don't forget his Steal Item ability however! Its best to do this as soon as you get to the next location's shop - you can then decide to keep, equip or sell the stolen item depending on what you get. Hurl Bottle is a powerful attack that can be used strategically on tougher opponents.

The Lizardman

the lizardman

The Lizardman's scaly hide prevents the use of armour so look at increasing his Defence and Health when leveling up to compensate for this limitation. His Poison ability starts out fairly weak but becomes more powerful you progress through levels and the fights start to last more rounds (a poisoned opponent takes damage every round). The amount of poison damage also increases as your character levels up.

The Hamster

the hamster

The Hamster appears quite weak as he has low initial fighting stats. His Heal ability is invaluable however, making him the only character that can increase his health during a fight. Shop items are also reduced by 20% in comparison or the other characters, meaning you can stock up on more potions or upgrade weapons and armour more frequently.