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Max Damage 3!

The third and most awesomest yet version of Max Damage has just hit the interwebs! The game has a bunch of improvements and new features including: overhauled graphics, funky new beats, new weapons, achievements, and a 3 star rating system. Destructive new toys include rockets, TNT and a jetpack. And of course 50+ levels of physics puzzling goodness.

Max Damage 3

Oh, and did I mention TNT, and lots of it?

“Hidden Memory” games on mobile


I’ve recently been working in conjunction with Difference Games to develop a series of mobile games – the fruits of our labors have just been released for Nook and on the Amazon Appstore (for Kindles and other Android devices)! We’ve termed these games “Hidden Memory” as they are a twist on the well-known Hidden Object genre. In Hidden Memory games you must memorize where highlighted objects are located and then place them back (rather than visually searching for hidden objects). It’s a simple game mechanic but it’s fun and gets more challenging as you progress, with an increasing number of objects to memorize. There are also bonus rounds and we’re currently working on adding more game modes which will be released as free updates.

The artwork and music in these games are really great. There are a bunch of different themes/stories to suit your tastes:

*** The Wizard’s Apprentice (awesome artwork): on Amazon and on Nook.

*** Where Ghosts Dwell (spooky!): on Amazon and on Nook.

*** Enchanted Garden of the Unicorns (UNICORNS): on Amazon and on Nook.

*** Jack and the Beanstalk (a classic): on Amazon and on Nook.

*** Snow Fairies (that’s right, fairies!): on Amazon and on Nook.

Also coming to Google Play and Blackberry PlayBook soon!

Elemental Balance nominated in “Best of 2012”

bestof2012-award-largeMy puzzle game Elemental Balance has just been nominated as one of the best Browser Physics games of 2012! Feel free to cast a vote for it if you are so inspired! There are some very good games in this category and while I don’t expect it to win, it’s nice to be in such illustrious company.

You can also vote for game of the year and be sure to check out the games in the other categories as there is some great stuff you might have missed.

irRegularGames on Facebook!

I finally got around to setting up an irRegularGames page on FB! Feel free to check it out and give it a like 🙂

Right now its the only place you can see a screenshot for the upcoming Max Damage 3…

Elemental Balance

My latest flash game Elemental Balance is released! Its a stylish physics puzzle game with an elemental theme. I worked hard to make this game unique and to keep the gameplay varied by introducing new mechanics in each of the 4 levels sets. I also had great contributions from my collaborators on art and music/sound. I’m proud of the result and so far its been getting a great reception.

Play it now, or if you want to host it you can grab a zip package here!

Elemental Balance screenshot


Mechanipig Screenshot

After a somewhat tortuous production process – involving initial development from a mobile version, a pesky 6-month full-time contract, and in-game language translations – I’m happy to announce that MECHANIPIG is finally out! Its a launch-style game with the added twist of a physics-based destruction component. Lots of fun upgrades including TNT, piglet bombs and kamekazi pig. Can you reach piggy paradise?

Chrome store apps

I recently converted a few of my Flash games to Chrome Web Store apps. The process was fairly easy, most of the time was actually spent making the correct size and style of icons. They ended up as basically just a html page that holds the game swf. There’s not a lot of difference between this and playing a game on a portal website, although once installed you can play offline and it’s a nice way to “bookmark” apps in Chrome.

This project was a bit of a whim, and unless Google decides to feature any of them it probably wasn’t a good investment of time (and the $5 developer signup!) Having said that its always fun to see your work in another ecosystem and the icons and game pages look kinda cool, if I do say so myself. The store organization seems strange – there are big scrollable lists in categories, but it’s a mystery as to how the apps are ordered (i.e. your can’t sort by downloads or rating etc) and how users would discover your apps unless they are featured high in the list.

Anyhow, without further ado I present these sweet games as Chrome apps:

Max Damage Chrome App

Max Damage

Max Damage 2 Chrome app

Max Damage 2

GlueFO 3 Chrome app

GlueFO 3

Drop3 Chrome app


The irRegularGame of Life Chrome app

irRegularGame of Life

Max Damage iOS extra levels and FREE!

Max Damage on iOS just got an update including a whopping 100 extra levels. The extra content can be unlocked in-game (by getting enough 3 star ratings on levels), or purchased if you want them straight away. The new levels also feature some never-before-seen shot types.

Oh, and did I mention that the game is currently FREE?

Max Damage iOS


A short update on all things irRegular…

Vampire Vision

Vampire Vision I recently finished a 6-month stint working at the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington on a game called Vampire Vision. Its a fun game that’s been well received, but the game is actually designed to test learning in visual perception skills. There are other unusual features such as dynamic difficulty adjustment and different experimental conditions (different players get different versions of the game). Check it out.


mpigThe full version of MechaniPig (which started out as a mobile game) is very nearly upon us. Its taken much longer than planned, mainly because I was working on a full-time contract at UW and also because the Sponsor (Agame) wanted language translations which are always time consuming. Its a pretty fun physics-launch style game, coming to an arcade near you shortly.

Max Damage iPhone

We’ve been working very hard on a big update to Max Damage on iPhone. Don’t want to give too much away at this stage but there will be tons on new content and features. Stay tuned.

New game, codename Elemental Puzzler

I’ve just starting work on a new physics puzzle game with an ‘Elements’ (think wood, fire, earth, metal) theme. First step: build (i.e. hack up existing) level editor. Step 2: build some levels and make sure the game will be fun. There will be explosions, so it can’t all be bad. I think its going to work…

Flash Gaming Summit at Casual Connect

I’ve been invited to be on a panel at FGS for its very first appearance as part of Casual Connect. We’ll be discussing Flash game sponsorship, and I’ll be providing the “developer perspective”. Should be fun. If you’re into flash games and missed FGS in San Francisco earlier this year then its definitely worth a look. Here’s the official blurb:

Flash Gaming Summit is making a special appearance at Casual Connect Seattle on July 18th, 2011!

Mochi Media has partnered with Casual Games Association to deliver a special one-day summit based on the sold-out Flash Gaming Summit 2011 conference in San Francisco. The Summit will bring Flash games industry leaders together to share industry insights and strategies on successful game design, development, and monetization. There will be an after-party / networking mixer, which is also the official kick-off party for Casual Connect, sponsored by Mochi Media.

Visit the website for line-up and registration info