A short update on all things irRegular…

Vampire Vision

Vampire Vision I recently finished a 6-month stint working at the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington on a game called Vampire Vision. Its a fun game that’s been well received, but the game is actually designed to test learning in visual perception skills. There are other unusual features such as dynamic difficulty adjustment and different experimental conditions (different players get different versions of the game). Check it out.


mpigThe full version of MechaniPig (which started out as a mobile game) is very nearly upon us. Its taken much longer than planned, mainly because I was working on a full-time contract at UW and also because the Sponsor (Agame) wanted language translations which are always time consuming. Its a pretty fun physics-launch style game, coming to an arcade near you shortly.

Max Damage iPhone

We’ve been working very hard on a big update to Max Damage on iPhone. Don’t want to give too much away at this stage but there will be tons on new content and features. Stay tuned.

New game, codename Elemental Puzzler

I’ve just starting work on a new physics puzzle game with an ‘Elements’ (think wood, fire, earth, metal) theme. First step: build (i.e. hack up existing) level editor. Step 2: build some levels and make sure the game will be fun. There will be explosions, so it can’t all be bad. I think its going to work…

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