“Hidden Memory” games on mobile


I’ve recently been working in conjunction with Difference Games to develop a series of mobile games – the fruits of our labors have just been released for Nook and on the Amazon Appstore (for Kindles and other Android devices)! We’ve termed these games “Hidden Memory” as they are a twist on the well-known Hidden Object genre. In Hidden Memory games you must memorize where highlighted objects are located and then place them back (rather than visually searching for hidden objects). It’s a simple game mechanic but it’s fun and gets more challenging as you progress, with an increasing number of objects to memorize. There are also bonus rounds and we’re currently working on adding more game modes which will be released as free updates.

The artwork and music in these games are really great. There are a bunch of different themes/stories to suit your tastes:

*** The Wizard’s Apprentice (awesome artwork): on Amazon and on Nook.

*** Where Ghosts Dwell (spooky!): on Amazon and on Nook.

*** Enchanted Garden of the Unicorns (UNICORNS): on Amazon and on Nook.

*** Jack and the Beanstalk (a classic): on Amazon and on Nook.

*** Snow Fairies (that’s right, fairies!): on Amazon and on Nook.

Also coming to Google Play and Blackberry PlayBook soon!

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