GlueFO 3!

gluefo3 thumbnailGlueFO 3: Asteroids Wars now out on irregulargames! This is the third (and final?) installment of the popular GlueFO series. Split asteroids, collect mineral ore and upgrade your ship. Watch out for competitor ships intent on cramping your style. This version features a storyline, much improved graphics, pilot rating system, lots of sweet upgrades, awards and survival mode. What more could you want?

Check it out exclusively on irregulargames before general release in a week or two.

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  • gamenoid says:

    Very cool game

  • Justmejoe says:

    So, I, and various other players on, are having an issue with this game.. and there has been no response intended to help us on their comments, so I thought I’d throw it on here. We’re unable to collect the money, which I might point out.. makes the game rather impossible to play. I found that each time I refresh the page/load the game, I am able to collect the first “ore” that appears, and none after it, forcing me to refresh to get another. It’s quite a pain, as I’ve played a bit more of it at a friend’s house where I’m able to work it, and I like the game quite a bit. but I’d rather waste my time at home playing it than my time at a friend’s house. >.<

  • Gordon says:

    Hey Justmejoe,

    I have seen that some players are having problems with this – sorry about that. I updated the game status and even sent you (and a few other people) Kong private messages about it a couple of days ago! The difficulty is that I don’t know what is causing that problem and I can’t recreate it myself.
    If you want to help out with this please:
    *goto and send me the details of your version.
    *install the Debug Plugin version of Flash Player on your computer and send me any error messages that Flash gives you when you pick up ore.


  • Zombie Games says:

    I really like this game. Managed to waste a whole work day playing it.


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