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Flash mobile games

Adobe recently released Flash Player 10.1 which allows people with the latest Android (2.2+) phones to view full Flash in their browser. Flash will be coming to other phone platforms also, although not the iPhone anytime soon. I developed versions of some of my Flash games to run on Android 2.2+ (Gravity Shift, Rubble Racer, and Adventure Ho). These are basically performance optimized and UI-tweaked versions of the standard web originals. I also developed a new game called MechaniPig Mobile which makes what I think is a neat use of the phone accelerometer for pig aiming and launching (what could be better than that?!) One of the motivations for this was the recent Adobe sponsored contests for mobile Flash games – so far I’ve won a few of the smaller prizes. Pretty soon I’ll get around to creating a mobile version of my irRegularGames site also, so browsing and playing the games on an Android phone should be pretty smooth. Oh, there’s also a full PC version of MechaniPig in the works which has a bunch more upgrades, things to break and visual effects etc.

Android apps!
Even more excitingly I’ve now created my first Android apps by making use of Adobe Air for Android. I now have 3 games in the Android Market! That link will only work if you are on an Android phone (there is currently no desktop version of the Android Market). Its pretty fun to see them as Android apps, I made MechaniPig and Gravity Shift free, and am currently charging $0.99 for Rubble Racer just to see how it goes, although I’m not expecting many sales. I read an interesting article outlining some of the current drawbacks of the Android Market. The conversion process from Flash mobile versions to Android apps was actually pretty smooth. The MechaniPig app has a nasty habit of force closing however, and I’m at a bit of a loss to work out why or how to prevent it.

Max Damage on the iPhone
Max Damage is coming to the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Another company is doing the development, I’ll be designing the levels. There’ll be some nice additions from the Flash versions, stay tuned…

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