Hi. I’m Gordon, the (humble!) genius behind flash games developed as irRegularGames. This blog includes some never before seen, behind the scenes footage of the flash game making process. It may not be suitable for viewers with a delicate stomach. I’ll be including info on upcoming games and analysis and post-mortem on released games.

If you are interested in licensing irregulargames or just want to say hi then drop me a line at (gordon[at]irregulargames[dot]com) and we can chat.


  • Paul says:

    Do you mind sharing any details about how well you have been able to get some income from your games and the ads in them and such? Any kind of ball park would be very interesting. I am a CS student and just wondering how viable to flash market is for a solo indie developer. Enjoy your games, nice work.
    Thanks, take care!

  • Gordon says:

    Hey Paul,

    Glad you enjoy the games. Making some cash as an indie is definitely doable. Advertising revenue is generally second to sponsorship/licensing although it provides a nice ongoing stream. My best games have made $10K+, while more simple ones have not been sponsored and made minimal advertising money. Income and sponsor success is variable depending on the quality of the game and a healthy dose of luck. You should check out flashgamelicense if you haven’t already, lots of info there. Feel free to shoot me further questions by email and good luck!


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