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Max Damage iPhone released

Hot off the virtual press – Max Damage is now available on the iPhone! The game is super fun with 50 levels of physics puzzling, Game Center achievements, and a 3 star rating system. Its a mere 99c US – what are you waiting for?

Max Damage iPhone

Max Damage iOS trailer

Max Damage is coming to iPhone/iPod! Check out the trailer:

The good folks at Digital Goldfish have done a super job of porting the game from Flash to iOS. I worked closely with them to design the levels and game features and am very happy with the result – the game looks and plays great. The iOS version features 50 brand spanking new levels, plus some never before seen cannon shot types and targets.

Coming to an iOS device near you very soon…

Flash mobile, Android apps, iPhone Max Damage…


Flash mobile games

Adobe recently released Flash Player 10.1 which allows people with the latest Android (2.2+) phones to view full Flash in their browser. Flash will be coming to other phone platforms also, although not the iPhone anytime soon. I developed versions of some of my Flash games to run on Android 2.2+ (Gravity Shift, Rubble Racer, and Adventure Ho). These are basically performance optimized and UI-tweaked versions of the standard web originals. I also developed a new game called MechaniPig Mobile which makes what I think is a neat use of the phone accelerometer for pig aiming and launching (what could be better than that?!) One of the motivations for this was the recent Adobe sponsored contests for mobile Flash games – so far I’ve won a few of the smaller prizes. Pretty soon I’ll get around to creating a mobile version of my irRegularGames site also, so browsing and playing the games on an Android phone should be pretty smooth. Oh, there’s also a full PC version of MechaniPig in the works which has a bunch more upgrades, things to break and visual effects etc.

Android apps!
Even more excitingly I’ve now created my first Android apps by making use of Adobe Air for Android. I now have 3 games in the Android Market! That link will only work if you are on an Android phone (there is currently no desktop version of the Android Market). Its pretty fun to see them as Android apps, I made MechaniPig and Gravity Shift free, and am currently charging $0.99 for Rubble Racer just to see how it goes, although I’m not expecting many sales. I read an interesting article outlining some of the current drawbacks of the Android Market. The conversion process from Flash mobile versions to Android apps was actually pretty smooth. The MechaniPig app has a nasty habit of force closing however, and I’m at a bit of a loss to work out why or how to prevent it.

Max Damage on the iPhone
Max Damage is coming to the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Another company is doing the development, I’ll be designing the levels. There’ll be some nice additions from the Flash versions, stay tuned…

Max Damage 2 out

Max Damage 2Max is finally back, 10 months after he first began damaging stacks of electronics and kitchen appliances with his cannon. This time he is equipped with some exciting new toys like the laser and machine gun. There are new targets to hit too, and other surprises along the way. A bonus game mode has been rumored. <-Right there, I just rumored it.

Go shoot some stuff already…

Max Damage 2

A quick note to say Max Damage 2 is coming soon to a theater near you! If you haven’t already, you should play the original Max Damage, or read the postmortem. MD2 is very close to complete. It features 50 challenging new levels plus new targets and new cannon shot types. Check out the trailer:

GlueFO 3!

gluefo3 thumbnailGlueFO 3: Asteroids Wars now out on irregulargames! This is the third (and final?) installment of the popular GlueFO series. Split asteroids, collect mineral ore and upgrade your ship. Watch out for competitor ships intent on cramping your style. This version features a storyline, much improved graphics, pilot rating system, lots of sweet upgrades, awards and survival mode. What more could you want?

Check it out exclusively on irregulargames before general release in a week or two.

GlueFO 3 in the works

I’ve started work on GlueFO 3, the third installment in my GlueFO series. I made the original GlueFO well over a year ago, and the followup GlueFO 2.0 over 6 months ago. The basis of the game is that you capture and fling tiny orbs in order to split bigger orbs. Splitting big orbs right down gives you more tiny orbs to collect and fire. Its Asteroids with a twist – you don’t have conventional ammo and instead use the tiny orbs that you split for this purpose.

Why two sequels?

When I made the first game I never imagined I would want to make two sequels. But for both sequels I felt I had enough additions and improvements to add to the core mechanic (which is pretty fun) to make it worthwhile. The first game was simple – it had unlimited levels and only a few upgrades. Although it was fun I thought I could make it more engaging and re-playable by adding context and variation, and I did this by making a Campaign mode with a specific target, along with achievements, challenges and extra upgrades. GlueFO 2.0 was more successful than the first (winning 3rd place in the Top of the World flash contest).

As a developer working on a sequel is a bit less fun than designing a new game. For me anyway, the most fun part of the development process is coming up with a new idea and bringing it to life with an early prototype. The polishing, balancing, beta testing, bug fixing etc that comes after this is somewhat less fun. The flip side is that making a sequel is less work than developing something from scratch – you can reuse code, fix bugs or design mistakes from the previous version, and hopefully end up with something that is actually a better game.

What’s new in part 3?

The third installment will be the game it should have been from the start, except that I could never have made it the first time because (a) I didn’t have the experience as a designer/developer, and (b) feedback and analysis from the first two versions informed design of the third. One big thing I think is lacking in GlueFO 2.0 is that the Campaign (and challenges) are arbitrary. Why are there 15 levels in the Campaign for example? [Answer: it just felt about right for the level of difficulty/ game length]. I’m addressing this in GlueFO 3 by having stage-based battles and a storyline to go with them. Other improvements/additions include:

  • The presence of enemy GlueFOs is part of the story, and there are more types of them
  • Progress is no longer lost when you die, you can continue from the last stage reached with upgrades intact
  • A money/store upgrade system will be used instead of the somewhat arbitrary 2 upgrades per level in previous versions
  • Shinier graphics!

Right now the game is almost feature complete – I need to add the achievements and get an artist to help out on some graphics. If you’d like to be involved in the beta testing leave a comment or email me: gordon[at]

Rubble Racer takes 9th in Stride contest

Woot woot! Rubble Racer won 9th place and $1000 in the Kongregate Stride contest. Apparently there were 169 entries and from what I saw the top 30 or so were pretty good, so I’m very happy to take a placing.

In other news, Sick Leave (which was my other Stride contest entry that placed around 25th) is now out on general release. Players did seem to quite enjoy this game with the main (and valid) criticism being that it was too simple. So I’m thinking about making a more in-depth version with levels/achievements/more story structure/bosses etc. Right now though I’m working on the 3rd and final installment of my GlueFO games.

Happy New Year, I hope you have a great 2010!

Sick Leave

Sick Leave thumbnailEver had to take sick leave? Find that staying home being sick had distinct advantages over working? If so, Sick Leave is the game for you. Maximize your sick days by colliding with spikes or getting stung by bees. Keep your health low so that you don’t have to go back to work!

Sick Leave is my second entry in the Kongregate Stride “endurance” contest and will be there exclusively until some time after the contest ends. Endurance can be defined as the ability to withstand hardship or suffering – what could be more noble than injuring yourself in order to avoid the great evil of a boring cubicle job?

Rubble Racer entered in Kong Stride contest

Rubble RacerRubble Racer is my entry in Kongregate’s Stride “endurance” themed contest. Its doing ok right now but there’s still a month to go in the contest and bound to be some quality entries. The concept here was a simple 1-button tunnel flying game, but with the addition of shields, collision physics, powerups, rubble and 2 ship types to spice up the typical game in this genre.