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GlueFO 3!

GlueFO 3: Asteroids Wars now out on irregulargames! This is the third (and final?) installment of the popular GlueFO series. Split asteroids, collect mineral ore and upgrade your ship. Watch out for competitor ships intent on cramping your style. This version features a storyline, much improved graphics, pilot rating system, lots of sweet upgrades, awards […]

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GlueFO 3 in the works

I’ve started work on GlueFO 3, the third installment in my GlueFO series. I made the original GlueFO well over a year ago, and the followup GlueFO 2.0 over 6 months ago. The basis of the game is that you capture and fling tiny orbs in order to split bigger orbs. Splitting big orbs right […]

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Woot – first post

First post on the new irRegularGames blog! This blog is replacing the old, quick and dirty “News” section of the site that was static html. It’s about time I got a little more 2.0. I’ll be covering up and coming irRegularGames, posting some game post-mortems, adding a dollup of Flash Gaming news and maybe even […]

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